Monday, May 25, 2009

remain in light

we wake
the world laid out before us
the sun shines gratis
the day is our oyster
ours for the taking
you don't even have to ask
the decision should be easy
only two, count 'em, two

choices (so easy, damn it)

as a famous bard once said
"therein lies the rub"
why do we choose to destroy
instead of build
we opt to find fault in the blameless
rather than love
we alternate between two worlds
the real one and the one
we live in (or die in)
we would tear flesh from bone
rather than expose ourselves
the world is full of beauty we ignore
we instead choose to suffer in self inflicted pain


the sun shines for free
and we live in the dark
I will, for once
remain in light

won't you join me?

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