Monday, May 21, 2012

not damaged

I don't understand
things you say (wait...what?)
you can’t understand
the way I feel (do you?)
(I just want to be myself)
walking paths so different
makes us unable to trust

vulnerability is dangerous
when offered to a weak heart
we’re living in our aftermath
among the collateral damage
day follows night follows day
we’re left to wonder the point
hoping we have what it takes

who said life was fair?
let's get over it and dig in
my hunger for you is insatiable
all I want is to hear your voice
what I need is to touch your face
to convince myself you are real
grab me, kiss me, take me

I think I'm starting to get this...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


not quite sure
what you want with me
where (if) I fit in...
or do I?

so close
yet so far removed
this must be a...
mistake or misunderstanding
something lost
in translation

I'm not what you
not what you
thought (hoped)
was in the box
what will you do
with me now?

care, love
I need, I need, I need...get it?
see the pattern?

I'm not selfish
at least I
don't think so
do you?

I give, gladly (in quantity)
more than I get
I don't ask for equal measure
only effort

don't make me ask
for what you (should)
want me to have
I won't beg ever again

yours for the asking
please stop turning me out
arms and heart open wide
take advantage, (please)

Monday, May 7, 2012

white knuckles

your hand in mine
so tight it hurts
surprised by my heart
I want this to happen

breathing so deep
praying we don't fall apart
wonderful, impossible
and so hard to hold

I try with all my might
to wipe away your fears
our lives rearranged
holding on tight to hope

looking into your eyes
never revealing their depth
it's hard to imagine sometimes
so captivated by us

hoping to survive
hanging on your words
so desperately close
cheating destiny to be in you

voices in my head screaming out
as life quietly passes me by
my heart is so empty without you
I need a kiss to seal the deal