Tuesday, March 20, 2012


what you are is beautiful
the heart you hide
behind that smile
holds your secrets close

wounded as we fear
sharing a common scar
allowing another to bandage
something no one has ever seen

the past sapping our strength
robbing us of imperfect dignity
wrong is only skin deep
healing is the hardest thing

Monday, March 19, 2012

alone with you

another day passes
without you in my arms
distance and emotion
co-exist out of balance
there is so much to lose
tucked into this fleeting moment
I don't take what I don't need
so give me back my peace of mind

before you there was a void
completely full of nothing
my church has no choir
nowhere to kneel
my fruit is rusty
rotten on the vine
you feel me but you don't get me
survival and love, a conflict of interest

familiarity breeds contempt
love means always, forever
having someone to blame
human in nature, neglected
this temple can burn with passion
or crumble from neglect
honesty from guilt
like gold from lead

it takes more than heat
to burn this down...
tired of being the example
giving it all away
nothing left
at long last

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

distant thunder

lost...in you
feel my shimmering heat
watching the mirage dance
in the distance (clouds build)

all I want
buried deep inside
my soul intentionally blinded
by my heart (lightning always strikes twice)

so far away
from here and now
I hear the muffled rumble
echoing in the distance (the sky is torn)

light of love
breaking the horizon
the sky splits open before us
we feel so cold and naked (in the falling rain)

the clouds break...

the distance
between us and then
grows greater everyday
walking away from what's behind

this is the moment
when it all falls into place
hold my hand as we gravitate spacewards
all we've held back, all we want, spills from us

this is going to be so good...

truth is, I don't know where to go from "here"
never have I felt as right as I do in your embrace

you have taken me into your heart and I sleep better there...