Monday, July 30, 2012


I dream of the smooth contours of your skin
my mind creating choreography for my fingers
caressing the low points, touching and lingering
doing little pirouettes on the peaks that quiver
hands playfully gliding across your glistening skin

cool water can't sooth your sweltering skin
muscles contract and relax under my deft touch
eyes shut tight, back arching, fists clenched
sun, heat conspire, pushing you toward me
closer to the edge, nearer to flash point

your hands find my burning flesh...I melt
taking hold and removing all doubt of intent
our skin slick, anointed by sweat and desire
sensual waves dance on my mind's horizon
my resistance fails completely, I'm taken

just another heat stroke...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

beach sand

my love
like a note
in a bottle

floating in the ocean

my heart
like a ship
lost at sea

my soul
like a ghost
on the foredeck

riding the rising tide

my hope
like a port
in the storm beautiful
are the sand on the beach
where my ship comes to rest

mythical (dream with me)

not of this world
a fawn eyed girl
lying in the lush grass
surrounded by fairies

unknown quantity
the analog kid
in a digital world
wishing it would go away

there are moments
that define our lives
so wondrous and beautiful
as to defy definition
they remain nameless

stay here with me
in this (our) paradise
fairytales can come true
sleeping peacefully
come, dream with me

Saturday, July 21, 2012

isn't it time?

time races...
left holding empty hope
love and life lost to indecision
watching it pass, losing our place
we get what we accept
nothing more or less

shackled to a life
that was never intended
a soon-to-be train wreck
casey jones bailed long ago
this tragedy is yours alone
no sympathy for the devil

who told you this would be easy?
(they lied to you)

life is short
pain is endless
hurt, healing
pain, joy
fear, hope
heartbreak, love

go ahead...sigh
deny these things
quick, give up now
take the coward's way
trapped in a safety net
no risk, no reward

embrace your pain
savor lifes's bitter taste
turn it around
learn from it
look in the mirror
face yourself...know yourself

Monday, July 16, 2012


sun breaks
on the horizon
I sense you beside me
feeling you before seeing you

light pours
fluid, in the window
our spirits rising in the heat
shadows cast out with the fear

the space
between dark and light
filled with ghosts that haunt us
dreams and nightmares coexist

your body
becomes the buffer
peace within the chaos
your touch relieves my pain

soft skin
unbroken canvas
light, smooth and inviting
painted with wondrous beauty

sun sets
moon pushes me
so very deep inside you
your kiss lives in the dark of night

Sunday, July 15, 2012

too soon

too hot to think straight
standing over the grave
seems like only yesterday
we were kids, younger, happier

you will be missed
you already are, little brother

too soon to be believed
just spoke to you last night
you left without a goodbye
now just ashes in the grass

you will be missed
you already are, my friend

too late to help you see
it didn't have to be this way
left with nothing but memories
your beauty never discovered

you will be missed
more than you can know

too hot to think straight
standing over the grave
seems like just yesterday
we were kids...