Tuesday, June 26, 2012


on skin
the scent
of excitement

your slick
soulful shell
my eyes catch
lazy heat trails
wafting skyward
seeking escape

moaning softly
your lips open
ever so slightly
your tongue tasting
the salty dew
left by my kiss
as you rise
against my touch

we slip through
each other's hands
heat and friction
devilishly delicious
glistening bodies
sweltering heat
the setting sun
through an open window...

cut to....

an old fan
spinning lazily
losing the battle
to dissipate
our love

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

still living

speaking your mind, waking the child
oats you never knew existed, rising up
trapped between who you are and who
you always thought you (would) could be
the difference between now and then
is fear...plain and painfully simple
this was never part of your plan
not the way this was meant to be
what happened to your dreams? your life...?

well, I'm here to tell you I got your back
I'm behind you and pushing, prodding...
propping you up (if) when necessary
you help carry me and I won't let you down
immeasurable strength when joined at the heart
we have what it takes if we're willing to give it all
the reality is that this is only as difficult as we make it
let's walk out together, from the shadows of our doubt
the worst is over and we still have so far to go

it's not dying that's hard...it's living

Friday, June 15, 2012


the words come
from way down deep
a place the shadows rule
where the sky is absent
always quiet in this place
words refusing to come
to break the  silence
roaring in my head
doubt enters like a thief
taking all that matters
dark magic, sleight of hand
ego withdraws, replaced
quiet footfalls haunt me
unseen and  unforgiving
daring me to breathe
I feel the crushing
weight of life

you come to me
as a gift, strong…true
hand and heart offered
selflessly, without doubt
lifting me from this place
knowing me as no other
lips parted in a kiss
taste of kindness
the pain dissipates…

Saturday, June 9, 2012


perfect me
somewhere ahead
looming on the horizon

so peaceful
when the wind blows
I hear a whispered voice
its silent expectations unspoken
damning and impossible to achieve

my hope
always evolving
shedding my old skin 
leaving the broken past behind
no longer who (what) I once was

help me...

tear this wall down
destroy all I have been
unworthy and undeserving
tainted by my immovable heart
fighting a battle I can't possibly win

I saw myself
in a life I dreamed...
I don't want to imagine
all the things that I can't have
I want to feel the bottomless love

imperfect me
here and now
living on the edge of forever

Monday, June 4, 2012

the night

folded into the night
soft, silky arms envelope me
wrapping me in dark warmth
black velvet on my skin

you live in my deepest fantasy
where I'm lost for words in your arms
your silhouette sublimely etched
in the corner of my imagination

I can conjure up your sweet kiss
the gossamer touch of your hand
need in your eyes, want on your lips
in the night I can read your mind

how can we make time stop
to capture this perfect instant
life in stasis here in the dark
this moment goes on forever

I see you with my eyes shut tight
feel you, know you, touch you
in dreams all things are possible
eternity has wonderful plans for us