Sunday, December 11, 2011


do you hear the background noise?
living in the shadows of our fear

go ahead
let it go
it never mattered
watch it fall away

the world stops to watch
through rose colored lenses
feeling our love
intense and transparent

learning to walk
changing our life's purpose

run towards me, not away
this is not an exercise
in futility
this is life and it's so real

feeling the need, sealing our faith
counting our lucky scars

breaking the surface
coming up for air

breathing (for the first time)

lightning crashing around us
we fall in surrender

kiss me

Saturday, December 3, 2011

feeling it

every time I think of you
my heart swells, pounding
dancing joyously in my chest
whenever I ponder what might be
my mind wanders/wonders
lost in a daydream of possibility
thoughts of you come faster and faster
taking me, stealing my breath, lifting me up
leaving me starry eyed and (magnificently) distracted

is this what I think it is? no....couldn't be (could it?)
it's been so long since I've felt this way
it's a warm, wonderful, unfamiliar feeling
like the embrace of God, so inviting
do you feel it too? or is it just a trick of my heart?
I've been deceived before, betrayed by my hopes
sometimes you want something so badly
you're willing to run toward the thirsty
but I feel you so this can't be a mirage (can it?)

run with me and let's find out together
I know it's scary, I get what?
if you hold my hand and look me in the eyes
feel the touch of my lips on yours, so soft
trust in your heart as I have come to
the world only holds the power we give it
let's take it back, let's live this dream
nothing is more courageous than real love
and you haven't lived/loved until you've felt it

it lives in the dream of your kiss...

Friday, December 2, 2011

boxing paul

...and if sometimes, I can't seem to talk
you'll know this blackboard lacks a piece of chalk...

Stan Ridgeway