Sunday, February 26, 2012

all at once

I feel deeply
so strongly
I can't shut it off
don't want to
it's maddening
and wonderful
all at once
cheating gravity
waiting on the crash
(always) harder than the last
what a delicate mess

I feel you
I know you
I want you
I love you

catch me when I fall

Sunday, February 19, 2012


wake me up
your whisper
echoing in my ear

I won't say a thing
take my love
make it yours

falling so hard for you
swept away in your sea
knocked completely off my feet

in the depth of a breath
I sense your hunger so ripe
a love so incredibly, indelibly urgent

(I hunger too...)

taste my trembling lips
untie and feel my fragile heart
help release me (us) from this exile

Saturday, February 11, 2012


close to the edge
and so far removed
I need something good to die for

a desperate need to feel you
warm and willing, touching me
filling me with excitement and wonder

anticipation colliding with intent
the heat of your body arousing me
all my senses alive, awake and tingling

you sense the urgency in my touch
agonizing hot flesh warming my eager lips
your entire body heaving as my tongue finds you

my hand in the small of your back
lifting and joining you in a gyrating dance
penetrating you over and over as we near climax

like wild animals we rise and fall
pressure pushing us towards madness
moaning and screaming we are shaken by release

you take me so much closer...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the stars

I dream of your eyes

running towards you
my heart outstretched
our minds touch first
amidst the swirling confusion

what if...

fate...aspects, alignment, position
intentionally blind, our faith intact
walking on the edge of the future
our hearts and minds on the cusp

I feel the way you look at me
the way you've always known me
I want to hold you so close
I will steal your pain away

feel it now, without trepidation
this is so real, you know it is
take it in your loving arms
it's all just a wish away