Sunday, August 19, 2012

there you are


takes many forms
to feel the touch
to taste the lips
to know the happy ending

hands tied tight
heart on my sleeve
like a man in a box
isolated by self-doubt
my curse and creation
searching for redemption
in your heart

I move...
my body and mind
trying desperately to outrun
this cloud of damnation I've created

I need you to be...
my hope, dreams, light and love
to feel me is to risk it all
take me to the brink
feel me pull away in fear
a self-fulfilling prophecy
doomed from the start

this needs to stop

take me, hold me
never let me up
when I scream
I've had enough
hold me down
love me madly
make (this) life end

help me feel again

Sunday, August 5, 2012


a slow burn
hot to the touch

no pain(ful)
to be captured
taken by a lover
not a mirror...but a reflection

to feel the agony of perfection
knowing this love must exist
you know...the one they write about
it's what keeps me awake at night...

wanted inside and out
with no limit accepted
taken beyond the brink
I was born to break this
these words escape me
bleed out of this broken man
if I had my way I wouldn't be...

bleeding, breathless and dreaming


I wake every morning...

the waters part
I'm left gasping
without you there
like a mountaintop
beautiful...and airless

why can't I breathe?

I've waited for you
nameless and broken
trying to be strong
tripping on my words
tearing at the seams
selling my soul
one piece at a time
lost in all the reasons
starving for deep love
wanting to dive in...and drown

this space is so empty

never knowing
always hoping
like a memory
yet to happen
a life not yet lived...
somewhere I belong

filled with the wonder of what may be

thin as the air I'm breathing

you aren't there