Sunday, September 29, 2013

painless...(sort of)

creeps in
slowly taking over
replacing all that came before

beautiful parasite
surviving and thriving
on a deeply buried host
cowering in the darkest corner of my heart

feeding off fear
sated by indecision
foraging a nearly dead soul
for the smallest broken pieces of me

digging in my debris
soaking up my wasted tears
feeding on the residual damage
slowly devouring all that would do me harm

weak but stronger everyday
your love slowly starving the pain...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

watching it burn

flames lick the night sky...
I stand, with bloodshot eyes
stinging smoke obscuring my vision
watching the life I've known
burn to the ground

smoldering words and wasted time
damage makes perfect kindling
...the flames begin to flicker
waiting for the winds of change
to ignite the embers buried deep within

your heart...a lightning strike
giving the blaze purpose
slowly, the flames build
dancing and teasing my darkness
tasting the fuel, ready to explode

this beautiful wildfire
now raging out of control
incinerating everything in it's path
all that came before reduced to ashes
it won't be missed

help me burn it down...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

beside you

under repair
words (or emotions)
never minced
in thoughts of you
raging hard
against the night
in my heart
that when the sun rises
you will be lying beside me

about you
as hard as I can
wanting only to touch you
to taste the sweetness
of your kiss
to feel the warmth
of your skin on mine
in my heart...

Monday, September 9, 2013

taste it (insatiable)

night falls
stealing the light
from the sky

my appetite stirs

want (you)
need (you)

desire rises
impossible to contain
the beast within cries out for...


I crave
trembling hands
fingers that melt the flesh

drawing you to me
inside isn't close enough
we become one to ease the hunger

Sunday, September 8, 2013

after dark

in dreams
I see you
in the distance
through waves
of dancing heat
so close
so far away

my hands
have memory
they can't forget
the warmth
I can feel you
lying beside me
my fingers tracing
contours of you

in your touch
delicate danger
on your wet lips
sweet as wine
eyes shine
dark as night
I come undone...

I can taste your sweet kiss even in my sleep