Sunday, December 23, 2012


I need to get inside
so hard to do
seemingly powerless
blocked by entities I can't see
vision is only given
to those with eyes shut tight

passing through my darkness
I see sporadic movement
in the corner of my eye
laughing ghosts of pain
flying through my open door
into the waiting night

picking at the wounds
to heal would leave a scar
torn apart and put together
you are the bandage
my heart has longed for
falling into your arms

Friday, December 21, 2012

mission statement (love)

I have given and I have taken, been both good and bad, but I've always tried to be present. All I've ever asked is the same in return. Relationship is about the one-on-one, not building a collection of people that will somehow validate me. Not that we all can't use some validation from time to time, I just believe validation comes from within. I believe in love, I believe that another person can help fill the void in our lives and in our souls.

To sanctify another and be held in the same esteem is a life-affirming act. Different people have different belief systems. Some, like me, love love...that doesn't, on it's face, make the feeling any less genuine, so long as you are willing to take emotional responsibility for your love. Some people only feel love when they have the adoration and validation of many. I want the undying, uncompromising, unconditional love of the one. I'm certainly not walking through this life faultless or blameless, I am not and never will be perfect, but I know me and I know what I want and what I have to offer.

Love is not a bargaining is a privilege, earned by giving first...held by giving constantly and unconditionally. It is only a win-win or a lose-lose proposition...the upper hand is always an empty hand.

Just sayin'...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

gypsy soul

dreaming of the touch
shivering and afraid
darkness so familiar
searching for home

your lullaby unrehearsed
a sublime siren song
gates of heaven open
the longest night ends

you saved my gypsy soul
stole it without a fight
take me, love me, hold me
keep me from the pouring rain

...and nothing shall come between us

Thursday, December 13, 2012

morning rapture

hands gliding over
sleepy, warm flesh
turning away to push
the ever-present desire
deeper and deeper into...

eyes unfocused
delicious dew forms
breath coming faster
as kisses whisper softly
over neck and shoulders

hips rising urgently
quivering uncontrollably
begging to be taken
wrapped in strong arms
slick with want and need

seduction complete
incapable of thought
reason lost to hunger
touch becomes euphoric

force of nature
as bodies collide
irresistible gravity
wonderfully overwhelmed
consumed...rocked...perfect rapture

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


it feels as though
a hundred lives
have passed me by
a cold, hard lesson...
often, what you fear
is what you find

survival often means sacrifice...

falling (torn) apart
living on the crumbs
face hidden behind
a jade(d) mask of hope
faith that died...slowly
brought here to burn

but I want to sleep inside you...

lips touching yours
skin hot to the touch
hips grinding madly
our bodies entwined
tied in a forever knot
wanting only to explode

this dream of life and death two become one

Sunday, December 9, 2012

passion found (a rant)

I have wanted (waited)
for far too long
I have had to plead
for far too much
what I would give
won't be marginalized
as imperfect or ineffectual
the love I have offered
is neither tainted nor damaged
no...what's broken in me
if you can call it "broken"
is my pain threshold (it doesn't exist)
common sense says "stay down"
but I will stand up every time
I will fly in the face of a reality
that would see me alone...
I've made mistakes, to be sure
and I've lived a life of atonement...
so stand in win (lose)
it's not a battle I choose to fight
what you seem to know of me
is limited to what you choose to see
I am not bent or broken
I am unknown quantity
a body of love, need, and passion
held together by dreams and hope
so tired of being told that simply...isn't...enough