Tuesday, May 19, 2009

illuminate (me)

I read the words you wrote
they touched me
I haven't felt anything
in so long
I was unsure of me
it was a warm bath
the pain, the unworthiness
washed from my soul,
I was made whole...
I wish I had your power
(don't deny it, I felt it)
I wish I had your strength
(lift me up)
I wish I had your ability
(evacuate, elevate)
my pain, my soul
was made to feel you
it felt so good, so right
(so light)
in touch with your feelings
shedding some light
take me from this killing floor
(trust my soul)
I come unarmed and
mean you no harm
no break in the clouds
the rays would blind me
(let me see, I beg)
do me this one small favor
show me your power, strength, light
illuminate me

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